From Møn


The Counsil of Vordingborg
Graduation Project at Designskolen Kolding


January 2016 — June 2016


Jesper Pørksen (Collaborator)
Barnabas Wetton
Stephan Saaltink
Nicolai Mendgaard-Larsen (Supervisors)
Sander Baumann (External adviser)
Marco Berends (UX Designer)


mybikemap is an innovative map style for bikers. The maps are styled to make local routes more visible, and touristic places are marked with icons. It helps bikers navigating to new places or creating a flexible route. The local community adds the points of interest to trigger tourists and locals to explore more by bike.

Møn is a Danish island driven by tourism
Currently there are only lineair bike routes

Although Denmark is popular for cycling, there are only pre-set bike routes. It is much harder to wander around, and find a bike route that fits one’s activity and personal needs. mybikemap is a node network where cyclists can choose their own cycle route.

Local research on Møn shows that cyclists find it hard to get lost, but also hard to find good bike routes.

Analyses, expert interviews and user research show different organisational and biking experiences in Europe. The analysis focuses on references in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. To get a deeper understanding, interviews with actors show that a rural route network, good signage and maintenance are the most important. Local research on Møn shows that cyclists find it hard to get lost, but also hard to find good bike routes.

Different actors and users are asked for their expertise
User research created insider findings

Inspired by the node network, Møn’s local initiatives form the nodes of a new bike network. On the web map they are marked with icons as point of interest. Bikers can cycle across the island along the points of interest. The icons on the map correspond with signs put up by the locals. In that way local initiates set a guide for tourists. In the future, the map can be expanded for other hiking and horse riding as well.

An innovative bike network based on nodes of interest, communicated by corresponding icons on maps and signage.

The mobile-optimised web map welcomes the user with a start screen to choose his/her activity. Tapping on an activity shows route suggestions. When a route is chosen, or the map is clicked, a customised bike map shows up. The map highlights local roads, to guide bikers the beloved rural streets.

The idea of creating a web map specific for bikers
The pictograms on the facade match the map icons for recognisability
Custom icons on the map with different colours per category
Map overview with a big 'You are here' button
Future navigation concept for the map on a smart watch