Coronation poster

From Holland

I would like to make a special poster for the coronation of the Dutch King Willem-Alexander in 2013. The poster shows the different crowns of the ‘royal’ companies.
All crowns of royal Dutch companies have been collected and adjusted to make them presentable. The crowns are ordered by their shape, to make the differences visible.

Final poster with 73 Dutch crowns

When I lived in the Netherlands in 2013, Queen Beatrix abdicated, and Willem-Alexander would be installed as the new king. For this special occasion, I decided to make a festive poster to celebrate the special event. I had the idea to make an infographic with the most royal symbol: the crown.

I had the idea to make an infographic with the most royal symbol: the crown.

The infographic should contain all crowns, used by royal Dutch companies and organizations. A 'royal' company exists for more than 100 years and is leading in its field. I listed all 186 royal companies and downloaded their official logos. I reduced the amount to 73, because not every logo contained a crown.

Four extremely different crowns

I converted the logos by hand to scalable vectors, and made them monochrome. I found different archetypes of crowns, like decorative, abstract, geometric and lineair. I ordered the different categories and placed them on a grid fitting the poster.
To maximize the festive Dutch feeling, I placed the crowns on a bright orange background. For the credits, I added the name of the organization underneath every crown. The poster was printed on 190 grams matte paper by WM Veenstra.

Discarded test print on gloss paper
Close-up of the print on matte paper




April 2013