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From Stuttgart

moovel is creating and researching about future transportation. They offer an app where users have a all-in-one search, book, and travel experience. The German app offers different transportation methods, like public transport, rental cars and taxis. The iterative design process leads to several possibilities for a Watch App to be developed. I designed the functions and visual design of the app.

The home screen shows your favourite destinations
Press book to buy a ticket for the selected journey by public transport

The first ideas are made during moovel's workshop at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, where Fabian Rauch developed a concept Watch app. His idea was to book a journey and show the travel time graphically. Another similar idea was the moovel Go by moovel Lab, where transit information is reduced to a single number. Marco worked on the Go, and his goal was to help develop the Watch further.

The UI of the Watch asks for a specific minimal approach

Within the Lab, he explored the features proposed by Fabian. He found references of travel apps, and learned about the features of the Apple Watch. The UI of the Watch asks for a specific minimal approach, where scrolling and many pages should be reduced to a minimum. Therefore, the app should only contain an overview of transportation options and a direct function to book the options (public transport, car2go or mytaxi).

Sketches to incorporate a watch face
The watch face with the travel time visualised

The main clock of the home screen refers to the old clocks on the train stations. The circular lines on the home screen show the travel journeys visualised in time. Several colors fit the moovel 'blue' theme, matching the transport color: green for public transport, car2go for mytaxi and yellow for mytaxi. The interface is kept simple, important travel information like line numbers are made bold and colored. Small pictograms improve the readability and add a joyful element. The pictograms are optimized for small screens.

He restructured the app that fits moovel's motto 'Search, Book, Ride'. The user can travel within a few clicks immediately to his/her location. The user opens the App with the by choosing a destination from his/her favorites. These can be customised in the mobile app. The transportation time is calculated and shown in a real-life clock. By swiping, the user can choose between the transportation options. A single tap leads to the detail screen, where the user can book the tickets, or reserve the car immediately. During the trip, the Watch shows notifications for transferring or can show a map to guide the user.

Initial simplified wireflow of the app
Watch face for travel time by taxi
Booking mytaxi with an easy touch


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July 2015 – December 2015


Alex Makarov (Project Manager)
Dmitry Gutsulsak (Developer)
Marco Berends (UI Designer)