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The website calculates demographic specifications related to his life expectancy about the user, and makes them visible in an engaging way. A mobile website shows different features through different graphics. The graphics tell the user about his age, compared to other people around the world. Marco designed the website in collaboration with Benedikt Groß, designer of the desktop version population.io.

Population.io desktop version website
My design for the logo, representing two people, with arrow shaped bodies as a referral to data

Population.io was first set up by Wolfgang Fengler, K.C. Samir and Benedikt Groß to make demography accessible to a wider audience. Their hope is that people from all walks of life, in all ages and across all countries will explore a new perspective of their own life and find their own place in the world of today and tomorrow. The website www.population.io was online and wide-spread. To increase the accessibility and experience, a mobile version of the site should be designed.

Start screen to fill in your country, date and gender by birth
Process of the design: from wireframe to visual design

The desktop website is a one-pager. But to create a faster experience on the mobile website, the user swipes between different pages with features. A selection of the most important features has been made. The features are reconsidered to be visible on mobile phones, so complex graphics are avoided.

The user swipes between the different pages with result features.

After filling in personal data (country, date and gender by birth), the user sees the result in different pages. He/she can swipe between the pages to see different categories. On the final page, the user can share his statistics in social media or save the dates in his calendar.

The first screen shows how many people are older/younger than you
Technical specification sheet for developer
The second screen shows how many of your nationality are older/younger than you

The pages are designed with a banner on top, that shows the title and evokes a questions. Below statistics are visualized with text and simple visuals. The green color represent digits related to the world, the purple relate to the nationality. In the design, the text and numbers are most important. The graphics add some color and help to explain the statistics.

Below the titles statistics are visualized with text and simple visuals.

The site shows how many people per continent share your birthday
Share your statistics, or sync your life expectancy with your calendar


Studio Benedikt Groß


World Bank


February 2015 – May 2015


Benedikt Groß (Lead designer)
Marco Berends (UI Designer)