Skovshoved marina

From Gentofte

Søren Moesgård initiated a new wayfinding system for the recently expanded marina Skovshoved in Gentofte (Denmark). Together we developed a plan and several products to help the users find their way. Søren developed the planning and pictograms, and I developed the map drawing. The style is kept in a friendly and colourful tone with many references to the naval culture and its historic mapping styles.

Overview of different materials in the harbour
The information totem with map refers to the shape of a sail
Close-up of the map
Map with legend

The red building colour is referred from buildings on the harbour terrain.

The colours of the map are kept in soft naval tones, so darker pictograms and markers stand out. The red building colour is referred from several buildings on the terrain. Bright green and red are reserved for markers, as they are in use for the wayfinding shields. These refer to the naval directional colours: red for port, green for starboard.

The pictograms have a stripy style referring to naval patterns
Small shields help users finding their way to piers, toilets or harbour master


The marina of Skovshoved




All rights reserved 2019. Moesgard


October – November 2016


Søren Moesgård (Project Manager and Lead designer)
Marco Berends (Information Designer)